About Me

About Me
  • Hey ya’ll.  My name is Kami.  I hope to get to know you better!
  • I’m 27 and live in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • First I thought I would be a professional dancer when I grew up.  Then I wanted to be a lawyer.  Then I stopped making plans, and started listening to  THE  plan.
  • I own my own custom letterpress and calligraphy company called Sparrow Crafting and Press.  Sparrow‘s mission can be found in Matthew 10:29-31. Here, the Lord reveals a very key aspect of His character, His beautiful attention to the details of each of our lives. Through general revelation, we see God as a masterful artist that carefully takes care of the smallest details…even seemingly insignificant details— like the flight path of a flock of sparrows.
  • I am an equal opportunity chocolate eater.
  • I am insanely productive. I often surprise myself with the amount I accomplish in a single day.
  • I seek to love irresponsibly. (Because love isn’t about me… it’s about the One who loved first.)
  • I love mac and cheese. I occasionally eat it for breakfast because I dream about it often.
  • I’m a creator of beautiful things… and a restorer of neglected things.
  • My personal style is a mix of vintage and eclectic.
  • This is my personal blog www.kami-mueller.com and I often tweet amount the random insignificant details of my daily life… usually details about my black lab, Major and Siamese cat, Pippa. @kamimueller.
  • Hope you have fun exploring my silly brain!

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